Thursday, February 26, 2009

Introducing the Austin Women's Beer League

I'm always pleased any time someone sets out to disprove the notion that beer – especially quality beer – is a "guy thing." I know Karla in particular gets furious anytime someone recommends she drinks fruity or light beers because they're "aimed at women." So on that note, I introduce the Austin Women's Beer League. I believe it's a creation of my buddy Snax, and I can tell you from having downed a few with her (she's a veteran of the No. 3 Bus Pub Crawl) that she's no drinker of wimpy downstream beer.


Karla said...

Grrr.....I HATE that notion that beer is unfeminine.

Granted, I don't drink it much here because it SUCKS, but when I get somewhere with good beer, let me at it.

I am so joining the AWBL when I get back home.

Lee said...

You can join their Facebook page now.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Women that drink good beer... is there anything better then that?! The first time I met the woman who became my wife was at the Ginger Man in Houston and she ordered a Hoegaarden.

snax said...

Aww, if I knew you were coming I'd of tidied up the place! In the process of trying to convert it to Word Press, so events are outdated. However, we will DEFINITELY have a brew session soon.

I was amazed at how many gals at the Girls in Tech Kick-off Meeting at Vino Vino admitted they liked beer better than wine - the kind you get at the Ginger Man. Definitely found some new members.