Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Support On-Site Brewery Sales

So yesterday I posted about a bill to allow Texas breweries to sell their product on their premises. Then a reader asked the obvious question: What can Texans do to support this bill? The simplest answer is to contact your state representative and state senator today and tell them you want this passed!

Step 1: Find out who represents you. If you already know, congratulations for being politically aware! If you don't, then look it up here.

Step 2: Send them an e-mail, letter, or phone call telling them: "I strongly support passage of HB 1062/SB
754." That's the main message, but if you feel like you need to elaborate, please courteously tell them your reasons. If you want good talking points, read this Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial.

Step 3: Tell every beer drinker you know to do the same thing. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and nowhere is that more true than in government. At the moment, your legislators probably aren't even aware of this bill. Heck, they may not even know what a brewpub is. But if they get a flood of letters and phone calls about it, you can be damn sure they'll educate themselves on the subject. Pleasing you is how they keep their jobs.


KEC said...

Hey, who got named chair of the beer committee?

Lee said...

They ought to have a beer committee!

As for actual committees, neither bill has been assigned to one yet.