Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beer No Longer Recession-Proof?

Only a week ago, I posted a link to an NPR story saying that despite the recession, beer sales are still going strong.

Not so fast, says Alcohol sales, led by beer, apparently plunged in the fourth quarter of 2008.


Muddy Mo said...

Sweet Jebus, things are so bad that everyone has switched to Natty Light!

Adam said...

apparently they weren't tracking my consumption

Good Burp said...

I have to agree. My consumption has been falling as of late. It's a sad day indeed.

assurbanipaul said...

Everyone seems to think the model is "switch from craft beer to cheaper macros." I disagree.

Macros make up +90% of the beer market, so this -9.3% drop is mostly a decline in macro sales. Nothing here to indicate craft beer consumers are consuming less, or switching to "cheaper" brands.