Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naishtat Supports On-Site Sales for Breweries

Yesterday I told Texans to contact their state legislators to support HB 1062/SB 754, bills that would allow breweries to sell their products on-site. And right after making that post, I did just that. I got this response from my state rep (pictured at right):
Dear Mr. Nichols:

Thank you for writing to me and sharing your thoughts on House Bill 1062 and Senate Bill 754, which would allow breweries to sell their product on their premises with a permit. I truly appreciate you taking the time to write.

I plan to support HB 1062 and SB 754. I believe that local breweries are an important part of the business community in Austin. I agree that they should be allowed to sell their products in their breweries, just as wineries are permitted to do so, as long they are located in areas that allow the sale and consumption of alcohol and the brewery has the proper permit.

If you would like to follow the progress of these bills during the session, you may register for the Texas Legislature Online's "My TLO" feature at This feature allows you to track the progress of bills and receive email alerts as the status of a bill changes.

Thank you, again, for your email. Please contact me with any questions, concerns or recommendations you may have on this or any other issue.

Elliott Naishtat
State Representative

Now I'm waiting to hear from my state senator, Kirk Watson. I suspect he'll want to get on board as well, given that he has no less that three microbreweries in his in his district (Live Oak, Independence, and 512).

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Good Burp said...

Good for you. That was indeed a positive response. I hope it works out. It could be the start of something out here as well.