Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Statement From Rep. Lon Burnam

Statement from Rep. Lon Burnam of Fort Worth on why he authored HB 1062:
Texas produces some of the finest beer in the world, and Texas breweries deserve a fair playing field in the commercial market. Six years ago wineries in Texas successfully lobbied state lawmakers to change the law so that they could sell their products to people who visited their wineries. I filed House Bill 1062 to allow breweries to operate under the same rules.

District 90 is fortunate to be the home of the award winning Rahr and Son's Brewery. Not only does this hometown institution produce a high quality brew, it provides employment to many people in my inner-city district.

In addition Rahr Brewery makes "green" business practices a priority. All of their electricity comes from renewable sources and they are making every effort to become carbon neutral.

Many Texans are awakening to the advantages of eating local. Likewise drinking local reduces carbon emissions, provides a higher quality product, and keeps jobs and dollars in the community.

This bill will allow small, family owned businesses like Rahr to compete with the large out-of-state companies that currently dominate the Texas beer market. It's about fairness, and about putting what's best for Texas beer drinkers ahead of what's best for out of state interests.
If you want to support Burnam and HB 1062, here's what you can do.

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