Monday, March 02, 2009

And the winner is ...

My poll for this past month asked which of the Shiner anniversary beers was your favorite. The winner by a nose: Black ("97"), edging out the current anniversary beer, Commemorator ("100") by just one vote. And apparently I'm almost the only one who remembers 96, an Oktoberfest Marzen style beer, because it got dead last.

The final tally:

96 (Marzen): 3 votes
97 (Black): 28
98 (Amber): 10
99 (Helles): 13
100 (Dobblebock): 27
none: 9

New poll coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the poll, some interesting results.

I didn't want to place my vote until I had tried all that I could from the selection. The amber, of course was long gone. The commemorator proved an easy choice in the end, although I think if other offerings were included I would give the top choice to the christmas cheer.

The American Don said...

it was between 99 and 100 for me. I just don't see what the big fascination is with the Black Lager.

War Horse said...

Poor Shiner 96. Of course you're right, 5-years ago is so long ago to be able to compare a beer. I really hope we see some limited party pack where they re-release all 5 beers at a time. I really liked 96 and if it hadn't been for 97 being on the poll, my vote would have went to 96.

Oh, and speaking of Shiner, has anyone else seen they're producing Kosmos Reserve again? It seems they aren't doing a full 6-pack run of it yet. The only place I can find it is as one of the 6 beers in the Family Reunion mix pack. I've had 2 of them so far, and they're pretty decent.

Lee said...

It's my understanding that the mixed pack is currently their only plans for the beer.