Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Drink Up: Your Planet Is Counting On You

Anything that is good for the planet and gets you drunk is a gift from God. Associated Press writer Marc Lallanilla offers up this list of 10 great organic beers, via the Forecast Earth website.

For the comments section: Have any of you tried any of these beers? How were they?

I've had some Wolaver's, but not the wit. I think it was the pale ale, and I remember it being pretty good. And I've actually drank at Hopworks in Portland as part of Bill's bicycling brewpub tour, and remember it was great, although I don't remember which beers I had. Stone Mill is available here in Austin, and I think I may have had it once, although I can't say it made an impression on me. Mothership Wit, also widely available, is probably one I should try, but I've noted many times here than wheat beers only occasionally agree with me.

UPDATE: Turns out Lanilla is, like me, a University of Texas alum. He e-mailed me to say:

I thought I would mention that I am not a writer for Associated Press, but a freelance writer for LifeWire, a division of The New York Times Company. A minor point, but you know how things go viral on the Internet.

And tell everyone in Austin I said hello -- I lived there during and after my UT college days, from 1979 to 1987.

Thanks again -- and Hook 'em, Horns!


Michael said...

Yeah I had the stone mill organic pale ale as well and if I recall it was a bit heavy and not all that spectacular

Church Key said...

St Louis Beer Club had the Sam Smith Organic Ale...it got a low score

to beer!

Anonymous said...

Laurelwood's Tree-Hugger Porter (also in Portland). Mmmmmmm...