Saturday, November 24, 2007

Time for the Holiday Beers

Oh my god it's an ugly day outside. In the dictionary next to "ugly day," there is a picture of today. At least by Texas standards: Rain coming down in buckets, 42 degrees. I'd actually rather be in Kansas City today, where crazed Missouri and Kansas fans are working themselves into a blind fury over the football game outside of Arrowhead Stadium. Heck, at least there it's only snowing. Thankfully, we'll be watching the game tonight in the comfort of our home. If you're one of our Austin friends, head over to the casa at 7pm. And don't give me any crap about "I'm not a football fan." That's not the point. The point is to come drink beer and watch my KC-born-and-bred and die-hard Mizzou-loving wife bleed from the ears.

I need something heavy on the alcohol today, so I can feel that holiday glow. I was shocked to see
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (which might be my favorite beer, period, regardless of style) already in the stores at least two weeks ago. I have most of a 12-pack in the fridge. And as I mentioned in the last post, I'm moderately well-stocked on St. Arnold Christmas Ale. I was mighty tempted to grab some Great Divide Hibernation Ale yesterday as well. Too bad I have no way to get Boulevard's Nutcracker Ale down here in Texas – that would be the appropriate beer for today's game. (Actually, I have a couple of bottles out in the fridge from last year, but I'm saving those for the annual, infamous Bobnoxious Christmas Beer Tasting. Hopefully Bob's Scottish friend Jimmy will make another appearance.

And in addition to the specifically holiday-themed brews, I'll also be scarfing some other beers that are either really rich or seasonal: I got a sixer of Shiner Dunkelweizen, one bottle of
North Coast Old Stock, and some North Coast Old Rasputin. Lord, I might not be awake by the game kickoff. I haven't seen St. Arnold's Winter Stout yet, but I look forward to with a watery mouth.

Okay, dear drunken readers, let me have it: What is/are your favorite holiday/winter beers? I'd especially like to hear from my readers outside of Texas — give me some examples I might not be able to get here, so I can try to hunt them down.

EDIT: Somewhat to my surprise, Old Stock goes very well with a steaming bowl of chili. I suppose it makes sense: Cold day, hearty meal, hearty beer. It's a match.


Brian said...

I'm with you on the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale - that's a fantastic beer. I also really like the Ebenezer Ale from Bridgeport Brewing (here in Portland) and Jubelale from Deschutes Brewing in Bend, OR.

Evan said...

Delirium Noel