Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Handy information to have

Thanks to Bookhart for pointing out this useful website (click on the graphic to get your own calculation):
It would take 28 bottles of Shiner Bock to kill me

The death threshold corresponds to a three-hour drinking period. I think their calculations may be a bit off on some beers, though — it said it would take 13 Sierra Nevada Bigfoots to kill me. As strong as Bigfoot is, I can guarantee you I'd be unconscious long before I ever got to 13. Perhaps if someone forced the rest down my throat. Hell, just two of those will send me down for a nap.

EDIT: Dammit, within just a couple of hours of posting this, the link no longer seems to work.


Lance said...

I wanted to try it out, but the quiz doesn't appear to be there anymore. As a consolation I found out my dead body would be worth approximately $4500 and that I could indeed pass 8th grade science. With a 'B' even.

Anonymous said...

Dave says ...

Damn. Since I have a pretty good idea what my mortality threshold is, having approached it several times, I wanted to see if it was right.