Monday, November 19, 2007

I want a kegerator

So after failing to live up to the legendary beer drinking days of my youth last night, I still have about a third of a keg of Sierra Nevada last night. Which is pretty cool. There is something sinfully decadent about just stepping out into my garage and filling up my mug from my personal keg.

Does beer really taste better on draft than from the bottle? I've always wondered if it's just my imagination, or for real. Even if it's bullshit, it's still just cool to have a keg in the house. I successfully convinced a few friends to skip the bars tonight and come watch Monday Night Football over here — hopefully we can kill it off tonight.


a beer sort of girl said...

Kegerators rule. The holidays are coming, you should ask Santa for one.

Oktoberfest Dude said...

I always wanted to know too why draft beer tastes better. Or, why do some bottled beers taste better from the bottle and others poured into a glass?

Karla said...

I grew up in a house with a kegerator (didn't know they were called that.) Every month Dad would take out the old keg and get a new one. He liked Michelob (hey this was the early 70's, that was good beer then...)

I learned how to breech the kegerator by age 18months. They rule.

BrewDude said...

Great place for researching kegerators.