Thursday, November 15, 2007

Redhook and Widmer to Merge

That's right, two of the Northwest's best craft brewers are merging to form a company that will put them on equal footing with Sierra Nevada and behind Samuel Adams.

Thanks to Portland Bill for sending me something to post. I've somehow managed to not miss any days of NaBloPoMo, although for the next few days you might have to settle for mini-posts like this. I've been ungodly busy covering an important trail here in Austin and making daily posts about on my newspaper's news blog, so my time for personal blogging has been limited. Plus, tomorrow begins M'Lady's big birthday blowout weekend, which will crunch my time just as badly.

For the moment, however, I'm relaxing over dinner and a Lagunitas IPA. However, I'm noticing that spending all day in a courtroom and then a long bus ride home in the evening is bringing back my old cravings for whiskey. It must be from hanging around bigshot lawyers all day.

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