Friday, November 23, 2007

AAAUUUGGHHH!!! I blew it!

Forgot to post yesterday. An entire day of Thanksgiving partying will do that to you. So I fell short on NaBloPoMo, but I don't feel too bad — I was turning my dad on to St. Arnold's Christmas Ale, so I clearly was too busy doing good deeds and spreading joy.

On tap for today: It's a big weekend of college football rivalries at the I Love Beer household. Today is my
Texas Longhorns against the hated Texas A&M Aggies; if we win, there is an outside shot we could end up in the Big 12 Championship game. Tomorrow is M'Lady's Mizzou Tigers vs. her big hatred, the evil Kansas Jayhawks – and for the first time, well, ever since I've been watching this game, it will actually mean something. Hell has frozen over, and this is a battle between the No. 2 and No. 3 teams in the nation. The Jayhawks are undefeated, so they're feeling pretty confident, but I think by the end of the evening, they'll realize that they are just the beneficiaries of a ridiculously easy schedule (sorry Beergirl!). And when Mizzou wins, they are definitely going to the Big 12 title game, so we could be headed down to San Antonio on Dec. 1 for an I Love Beer family feud.

But this blog is about beer, not football (although I'm not sure they can be thought of as separate entities). So what will be keeping me warm while I plant myself in front of the TV and shelter myself from these horrid 45 degree temperatures? (Hey, quit laughing, that's frickin'
cold here in Texas!) Well, Bobnoxious gave me a four-pack of North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout Tuesday, in exchange for watching his and my kids while he drove Mrs. Noxious and M'Lady down to San Antonio so they could get wet panties over the Police. (He punished their infidelity by making them drink Bud Light tallboys.)

Also, still on the North Coast theme, I have one bottle left of the 2007 Old Stock Ale. But you know, if I get to guzzling Old Rasputin and Old Stock, I'll be asleep before the fourth quarter. I think in the proper spirit of the Lone Star State's biggest football rivalry, I should stick to Texas beers. I think I still have two or three of those St. Arnold Christmas Ales (which at 7% is plenty strong enough), and I also have a few Shiner 98s out in the beer fridge. That ought to see me through the Longhorns' glorious victory.

Oh yeah, in the highly unlikely event that my cousin Robbie is reading, I have a special message for him (as well as for the Beer Anti-Snob): A&M sucks!

EDIT: As I'm watching the game, I just remembered a great drinking game thought up by Nosregref: One of our very talented linebackers is named Robert Killebrew, and every time the announcers say his name (which is often), you are required to … wait for it … KILL A BREW! Nosregref is brilliant like that.



Clark said...

Horrible game indeed! Wasn't UT favored to win?

I ended up seeing some of it because my dad is in town. I could see myself coming to understand and appreciate football, but for now, my dear comrade, you must trust me that beer and football are indeed very, very different entities---- for some people.

But I could see myself...

Lee said...

Yes, Texas was favored to win. But that's the beauty of college football – in these big rivalry games, the underdog occasionally gets really fired up and pulls the upset.

M'Lady's head is about to explode. The MU/KU game has never been this important. And since No.1 LSU lost last night (sorry, Mom) this is practically a national championship game.

a beer sort of girl said...

Ahem. I will overlook your anti-Kansas comments, as you are clearly brainwashed and without a proper opportunity to view the situation objectively.


So. What beer goes best with Tiger meat?

Lee said...

Oh, that last comment is definitely getting forwarded to the wife. Catfight!