Thursday, November 29, 2007

Could be worse, I guess

I'm in Kansas City. The downside: I'm here for my father-in-law's funeral. That pretty much speaks for itself. It's a sad occasion, although it's tempered a bit by the fact that M'Lady's dad was in ill health for several years, so it's not like this snuck up and surprised us. Everyone is holding up well.

The upside: I'm in Kansas City. That means I get to enjoy a nice helping of Boulevard Beer, which I've loved ever since my first trip to KC 13 years ago and I can't get in Texas. My kind mother-in-law had a sampler 12-pack of Boulevard waiting for me, which I've been enjoying tonight – I've already had a nice, warming (it's 35 degrees outside!)
Bully Porter, which I then followed with a Bob's '47, a Munich-style lager that I wasn't too impressed with when I first tried it last year, but I'm now giving it a major upgrade. I'm not sure why I didn't get it last year, but I certainly do now. That wonderful, honeyed taste that I love in the best of Oktoberfest beers is really coming through tonight. I'm glad I gave this a second chance.

And in that spirit, I'm also giving the
Lunar Ale a second shot, as well. Maybe it's just because I already have some alcohol in me, but I'm liking this a little better as well. It reminds me of Shiner Dunkelweizen.

Up next, maybe tomorrow: Boulevard's
Smokestack Series, which my KC beer blogger friends (click on Beer Girl, Muddy Mo, or KC Beer Blog in my "other beer bloggers section) have been raving over. It was supposed to be my Christmas present, but since I'm here a little early, I might as well try one of those. Maybe one now, and then the others three weeks from now when we're back for the holidays.

It's not the usual festive atmosphere for enjoying good brew, but what the heck – if life gives you lemons, squeeze a slice into your hefeweizen.


Bull E. Vard said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. But I'm glad you can enjoy some good Boulevard beer. I'm interested to know what you think of the Sixth Glass which is my favorite of the bunch.

Drink a beer, think of the good times and comfort your lady.

Lee said...

Bull: I'll get to that Sixth before I leave. We have a friend coming into town for the funeral who I think likes Belgian-style stuff, so I'll save it to share with her.

Anonymous said...

BLVD Beer has made it to DFW!!! I'm not sure about Austin or other parts of the State of Texas. I'm glad it's here!

Lee said...

Yeah, I'd heard it had arrived there; no sign of it in Austin yet.

Anonymous said...

I've only found it in 4 flavors thus far in Dallas - Wheat, Pale Ale, Porter & Irish Ale.