Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Brewpub in Town

I don't have high hopes for it since it's a big-ass megachain, but I promise to keep an open mind and go try it soon. Who wants to come with me? It's called BJ's (stop snickering) Restaurant and Brewhouse, and there are a zillion of them. They're based in California, apparently. The Austin location is at 5207 Brodie Lane, which is hell and gone from my house, although MoPac will make getting there a bit quicker. They have seven regular brews, but what really interests me is that they offer some seasonals and specialties IPAs and Belgians. The menu looks all right, too. Ah what the heck – maybe it'll be like Chili's with good beer. I loved the press release I saw; it said something like "We're excited to be introducing the BJ's concept to Austin." Actually, dude, I'm pretty sure BJs were already here, but we'll take more.


Chris said...

How about an "I Love Beer" fanclub meetup at BJ's Sunday night?

Humulone Red said...

Please don’t fall for their corporate BS by calling it a brewpub. It is a restaurant with a good beer selection. They do not brew on site. In fact none of the BJ’s in Texas brew on site. Their beer recipes are brewed by contract from Saint Arnold’s Brewing. They have about beers on tap including their contract brewed beers.
Don’t get me wrong, the beer and food are good and tasty, pricey too. Lets just call it what it is.

Chris said...

Some of the out-of-state locations do brew on site and distribute the beer to other locations near them, but that's illegal in Texas so they contract out instead. There's a more detailed explanation here:

Lee said...

I have a fan club? You're kidding.

I'm afraid my Sunday is all booked up with the wife's birthday this weekend, sorry. But I'll make a trip to BJ's sometime soon.

Actually, the fact that they are sending some money St. Arnold's way makes me give them some respect.

pete in nb said...

At BJ's the longevity of the head is most important.

(sorry). Anyway, if they have a great beer selection, nothing wrong with that.

Have ya'll heard of
? It's a San Antonio local chain, only 4 locations. It's main feature is a large awesome burger and a selection of 180 beers, imported and domestic. When you walk into any Chesters, you order your burger at a bar and behind you see wall-to-wall beer! Paradise!

Closest one is in Universal City-Randolph AFB.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's me and I would love to hear other opinions, but I thought the beer was really not good at all, with the exception of the seasonal (a pumpkin) the brown, and a stout. The rest were pretty weak and at $4.25 pint plus, I wasn't too impressed. Plan on spending a couple a bucks if you are going.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that there's a place in my neighborhood that has great tasting beer on tap! We love St. Arnold's anyway so it was an easy sell for us to be lured into this chain. What we found was great tasting beer, delicious food, an attractive interior and excellent service. What I don't like...too many tv screens...I think I counted 12 in all? And too many families....children everywhere. Maybe go at a later time, but good luck getting a table, this place is busy!!