Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quick Review: Magic Hat Odd Notion Fall '10

Bleagh. Definitely not what I was hoping for this evening. It took me a while to pinpoint the flavor, but I finally figured it out: bubblegum. Which I don't mind if I'm drinking a Big Red (that's a brand of soda pop that my non-Southern readers might not be familiar with), but not what I want in a beer. It's growing on me slightly as I get deeper into the glass, so I'll give it a low 'C.' I'll need to follow this up with a hop bomb to get some satisfaction tonight.


Anonymous said...

Bubblegum flavors are the result of a fermentation that was a bit too warm, I believe. Sounds like a bad batch.

Lee said...

It's also possible that Magic Hat's stuff gets damaged en route to me. They ship it via UPS and sometimes I'm afraid it sits on my porch and gets hot.