Thursday, October 21, 2010


An interesting thing about doing this blog is that I can look back at opinions on certain beers, especially seasonals, and see if my tastes (or maybe the flavor of the beer?) have changed. I just stumbled across this roundup of Oktoberfest beers from last year, wherein I described Real Ale Oktoberfest as "shockingly disappointing" and "very mediocre." Funny, I thought the beer debuted this fall, and I forgot I had tried it before. And now, my opinion could not be more different — I've had a lot of it this year, and love it. I wonder why? Anyone else have taste turnarounds like this?

(Image shamelessly stolen from Craft Austin.)


biergut said...

I was at a hockey game post-tailgate party in Cedar Park (no comments from the peanut gallery) and I cracked open a Real Ale Oktoberfest. Some guy next to me said, "Don't do it." I was a little surprised even though his beer of choice is an IPA, but he was drinking Sam Adams Dunkelweisse. Why does this make a difference? It doesn't, but I usually hear how great all the local beer is from a local. In any case, I think RA Oktoberfest is a solid beer, but not deserving of a "don't do it".

Machuca said...

I too was unimpressed last year. This year I enjoyed it more, but have only had one so far. I might grab another on our bike pub crawl.

The image was swiped from Real Ale's site originally, so no shame.

Jeffrey said...

I haven't had a chance to do a side by side with other Oktoberfests, but I think this year's batch is better. I like the mouthfeel and malt balance. Sounds like I have something to do this weekend: buy a bunch of Oktoberfests and drink them!