Saturday, October 23, 2010

Austin Beer Week, Day 1

Okay, beer geeks, let the orgy begin: today through next Saturday is the poorly publicized Austin Beer Week (seriously, if you want your event to get covered, you need to call or e-mail the media, not count on us to discover it via Twitter). But fortunately, I did spot it, so I'll try to help people stay abreast of events. If I make it to anything today, it will probably be for a little bit of the Draught House's 42nd anniversary party. The 41st last year was a blast. Tons of rare beers, including at least four casks flowing at any given time (see photo from last year). Here's today's schedule, go to the website for more details:

1:00 pm
Draught House 42nd Anniversary Party
@ Draught House Pub and Brewery

4:00 pm
@ The Ginger Man

4:00 pm
Independence Brewing 6th Anniversary Party
@ Independence Brewing

Saint Arnold Austin Scavenger Hunt Video Pub Crawl II
@ Multiple Venues

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