Monday, October 15, 2007

Wurstfest Is Almost Here!

My favorite little Texas/German beer-n-sausage celebration, Wurstfest, is right around the corner, and you're darn tootin' I'll be there. Since I doubt much about it has changed since last year, I'll just save myself some typing and refer you to what I wrote last year. Well okay, one thing has changed, the dates: Nov. 2-11.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like Wurstfest so much. It really is a special time here. I read your post from last year.

My parents took me to my first Wurstfest in the mid 1960's. I was a little kid, and I remember it was held on the Main Plaza. There was a burned out basement (where the Arts show is now held on a parking lot) and it was mainly one big party, going on in that pit. But even though I was a little kid, I got a real sense of the fun and fellowship there. The word is "gemutlichkeit". There is a lot of talk about what it means, but I think it means a "special kind of warm good times with family and kids and where good beer and polka is involved".

Do you remember in the mid-90's, when Brave Combo used to play at the Wurstfest? That was just the best best of times. Some kind of bad business technical skirmish happened and Brave Combo quit playing there. (probably some greedy Republican penny-pinching CD sales issue on behalf of Wurstfest honchos, I would suspect)

Anyway, see you there!