Monday, October 15, 2007


Excellent fall food and beer pairing: Oktoberfest beer (Samuel Adams, in this case) and Amy's pumpkin ice cream. I'm in heaven right now.

Lest you think I'm a complete freak for enjoying beer and ice cream together, I'm not the only one: two of Amy's more famous flavors of ice cream are Shiner Bock and Guinness. I used to live on 34th Street near both an Amy's location and the dearly missed Austin Outhouse, one of the great dive bars of all time. I would always go to Amy's first, and then take my ice cream over to the Outhouse and get a Shiner Bock. Everyone always laughed at me, but then one day I walked into Amy's, and there it was up on the menu board: Shiner Bock ice cream. I could kill two birds with one stone! I took it over to the Outhouse, and everyone said "No way!" Of course, I didn't really kill two birds — I got myself a real Shiner, as well.

Keep Austin weird, people.

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