Sunday, October 14, 2007

A loss for my neighborhood: Brentwood Tavern closing

The greatest idea anyone ever came up with was mixing kids' playscapes with beer and food for grownups. The second greatest idea was putting two such places in my part of town. Sadly, one of them — Brentwood Tavern, the closer one to which I was able to walk, dammit — is closing down. The following message appeared on our neighborhood newsgroup yesterday:

Dear Friends:

Brentwood Tavern will be closing its doors permanently on Thursday, October 25th. The Farmer's Market is under new ownership, and we were unable to secure a new lease from the owner. Thanks to everyone for their support over the past years.

Please join us at the restaurant on the 25th for our customer appreciation party. We'll have live music, great drink specials and all of the staff will be here to say farewell.

Please feel free to direct any questions, comments, or job offers for our crew to Kathleen at

Thanks for the good times,
Kathleen Macek

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