Friday, October 05, 2007

Speaking of traveling …

Dammit, dammit, dammit I wish I could go to this. I have in-laws in Boston, but there ain't no way Margaret and I could get ourselves organized to go in time:

(From Beer Advocate magazine)
Just a heads-up ... our Belgian Beer Fest is right around the corner! Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore a massive selection of hand-picked Belgian beers for your tasting enjoyment!

When? Oct 26 & 27 Where? Boston, MA

Night of the Funk
Fri, Oct 26. Special event. 40+ beers. Lambics, Gueuzes, Brett beers, Sour/Wild ales, and other funk-a-licious offerings! Tasty snacks included. Guest speakers + more.

Sessions One & Two
Sat, Oct 27. 100+ Belgian beers; authentic to the inspired, speaker panels + more.

Tickets are on-sale now, but we expect this one to sell-out like past Belgian Beer Fests so don't wait!

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