Friday, October 19, 2007

Organic Beers

Well shoot, I wish someone had told me that Oct. 15 was Blog Action Day, devoted to environmental issues. I'd have done something special. Well, I suppose it's not too late. In honor of doing the right thing for our planet, I encourage you to drink organic beers and ride your bicycle instead of driving your car.

The Tour de Fat, coming to Austin tomorrow (sadly, I won't be able to attend), is a New Belgium Event devoted to beer and bikes. And I did my part on vacation this summer when my good friends Bill and Todd took me on a pedaling tour of Portland brewpubs.

I don't see organic beers as often as I'd like, but here's a quick round-up of what I could find (If you know of others, please list them in the comments section):

Wild Hop Lager
Stone Mill Pale Ale
Henry Weinhard's Organic Amber
Samuel Smith's Organic Lager and Organic Ale
Wychwood Circle Master (I think Circle Master is called Scarecrow here in the U.S.)
New Belgium Mothership Wit (Additionally, New Belgium has a strong commitment to sustainability in producing their brews, including a heavy reliance on wind energy.

One more tip: drink locally brewed beer whenever possible, because if the beer is produced close to you, less energy is used to transport it to you. Now of course, I'll admit that taste is a bigger motivator in my beer choices than locale — and how can I be a proper beer snob if I don't buy plenty of imports? — but fortunately, Texas brewers are producing some great stuff these days (see my list in the right-hand column) and I drink their products as much as I can.


Unknown said...

Goose Island makes an organic that is sold exclusively in Whole Foods. It's called Lamar St. Pale Ale. I had a sixer once, it wasn't as good as regular Honker Ale. But, then again, most things aren't.

Lee said...

Oh, right — actually, I've blogged about it.

Anonymous said...

Discovered Sam Smith's Organic Ale at the Huisache Grill in New Braunfels. Always get it when I go there now.

Wurstfest has that special booth where you can get really special beers, instead of the usual. I haven't visited that booth for several years. One year a friend and I decided to sample those beers all night. Spent a ton of money and got real _______.

Anonymous said...

Well, you also did your part by having some beers at Roots Organic Brewing while you were in Portland (

And you probably tasted one or two organics at Laurelwood.

Unknown said...

New Belgium's Mothership Wit (bronze medalist) is organic. I just picked some up and thought, 'that darn Lee didn't do his research'.

Lee said...

You are right about Mothership. Actually, I did do some research on New Belgium products, but I was digging through their website looking for mentions of their use of wind power, and I guess I wasn't keeping my eye out for the word "organic." I'll correct accordingly.

Anonymous said...

This blog is already affecting me. Been checking it at least once a day.

I saw the Stone Mill Organic at my HEB here in New Braunfels. Got it chillin' right now in the fridge. Got a lot of work tonight, but I'll check out a bottle when I'm finished. Or...maybe before I'm finished. Or...maybe a "beer break"...doesn't always work out well. Yep, one of these days I will be a Beer Snob!!!

Lee said...

Glad you're liking it, Pete! Hey, shoot me an e-mail — L M N (AT) AUSTIN.RR.COM — and maybe we can meet up at Wurstfest.

Yeah, I recently changed jobs and now office here at home, and I've found that sneaking a beer at lunch is rarely a good idea. I'm lazy enough on my own without alcohol making me more sluggish.

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email.

As I write this, I am enjoying a perfectly chilled Stone Mill Organic. Very very nice.

I have an office, but I sometimes haul the laptop and printer home, as I have tonight, so I am with family as I burrow in for a long nights work. Am I finished working yet? Hell no!