Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Organic beer

Because being an environmentalist is morally righteous, but being a drunk environmentalist is fun. These messages come from Margaret's friend John up in Chicago:

Message No. 1: Here's a beer article for you from Treehugger. The Mountain Goat Beer brewery sounds like they have a unique energy and water efficient operation and they have just put out Australia's first 100% certified organic beer. "The organically grown and malted German pilsener and light Munich malts combine with organic New Zealand Pacific Gem hops in a process certified by the Biological Farmer's Association" per the piece. At the very least they have a nice label...

Message No. 2: Boy, I send you one story and then a couple of entries later Treehugger has another story about Anheuser-Busch putting out two organic beers.

Thanks John! And remember: Hugging trees is better than hugging the toilet.

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