Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Black Star Co-op Wants Brewers

Message from our favorite, not-quite-existent co-op brewpub:

Home Brewing on the BSC Brew House

Home brewers Unite! If you're interested in brewing a batch of beer up to 35 gallons, contact Black Star Co-op brewer Jeff Young. We are now set up for home brewers to guest brew on our unique 55 gallon system. Learn more about brewing as Jeff describes theory and practical brewing skills while you help him brew a batch. This gives a home brewer a chance to brew on a larger scale, deal with all-grain recipes, and learn the ropes around advanced home brewing equipment.

The majority of the batch produced will be donated to future Black Star events and you will get credit for helping create the beer. If you have a great recipe that you made yourself, it's possible we could use that recipe for the batch you help with!

Some conditions that apply are that we'll need 2 - 3 brewers for each session that will split the cost of ingredients and supplies (the average cost per person will be around $40) and you must dress appropriately and accept any risks that come with the job. We try to brew every 2 - 3 weeks and, when possible, we'll brew enough to let the brewers take a few gallons home for themselves.

So, for the price of brewing your own 5 gallon batch at home you can help brew 35 gallons of beer for future beer socials, learn more than you ever wanted to know about brewing theory and technique, and spend the day around people who are as passionate about beer and brewing as you are! Contact Jeff at for more information and to set up a brew day.

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