Monday, August 14, 2006

Black Star Pub event a success

Bobnoxious and I went to the Black Star Co-op's event Saturday night, and I have to judge it quite the success. It was held in the back yard of Monkeywrench Books, a little anarchist bookstore in the hip shopping strip of North Loop, and had quite the crowd. They were serving two beers: Live Oak Pilz, with which all you Austinites are familiar, and one made by one of their members, a weizenbock. Having had lots of the Pilz, I opted for a couple of glasses of the homebrew, and it was quite tasty. They must have high standards, because they were acting like it didn't come out quite right. I thought it was great, and it made me rethink wheat beers. This isn't the first time that I've enjoyed a dark wheat beer, so maybe that's the clincher for me – perhaps it's just the lighter ones that don't agree with me.

The Co-op, in its attempt to evolve into an actual brewpub, is looking for charter members to raise capital. I'm not in a place at the moment where I could shell out $100 ($85 of which I believe is refundable if you withdraw, kind of like how Wheatsville works), but I'd sure like to invest. Instead, I just shelled out $10 for a nifty T-shirt. I encourage the rest of you to go to their website and check 'em out and consider joining, especially if you're the homebrewing type (I'm not – my attitude toward homebrewing is that there are other people who will do the work for me, and probably much better).

Oh yeah – Bob and I headed over to the Draught House afterward, and they were giving away Duvel glasses for every purchase of that beer. So now I have two. I don't know how long that special lasts, so you better get over there. Bob had the Robusto Porter, which lived up to its name.

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