Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Belgian beers and a class at Grapevine

The latest from my favorite store:

Oh, Heavens! Satan's in the Beer Department!

Satan Beer Satan is waiting for you in the Grape Vine Market Beer aisle!

Don't be scared. All he wants you to do is drink his delicious beer.

No soul selling required ... yet

Three beers from the De Block Brewery in Belgium are available in Texas for the first time, and Grape Vine has them.

Check 'em out!
  • Kastaar is a Belgian pale ale. This is a beer that's all about balance. It manages to be both dry and sweet. It's quite unique.

  • 3-pack 11.2 oz bottles $7.79

  • Satan Gold is 8% alcohol and 100% trouble. This beer is full of flavor with hints of apple and coriander.

  • 3-pack 11.2 oz bottles $7.99

  • Satan Red may be the most dangerous of them all. The 8% alcohol is cleverly hidden in the sweet, creamy flavor of this beer. Whatever happens after you drink a few of these is between You and You Know Who.

  • 3-pack 11.2 oz bottles $7.99
Be sure to come by this Saturday, 12-6, for a sampling of these three unique beers.

NEW! Beer 101
August 24th

Grape Vine Market Beer Department
Ever wonder how beer is made or what's the difference between a lager and an ale?

Well, our Beerman has teamed up with the experts at Austin Homebrew Supply to tell you all that and more!

This survey course will give you a general overview of the brewing process and what distinguishes one beer from another.

Of course, no lecture is complete without the lab! Rest assured, there will be plenty of hands-on learning!

At $10 per person, this will be one class you won't want to skip!

Beer 101 is a Grape Vine University Extension course, taught in partnership with Austin Homebrew Supply

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