Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Beer samples at Grape Vine Market

As if my Saturday weren't already going to be busy enough: Maybe we'll have time to check this out in between Michelle's baby shower and Bret & Bill's birthday party:

Beerman's Pick

Flensburger Beers FLENSBURGER BEERS are decidedly different. Their unusually fresh, full-bodied taste really is something special. Their high quality is achieved by the use of outstanding ingredients, state-of-the- art brewing technology and the expert care of experienced master brewers.

We've got four styles to choose from. Check 'em out!
  • Flens Pilsener
    This brew is unmistakable in character and freshness. Its unusually hoppy-fresh aroma and wholesomeness are the epitome of good taste in beer.

  • Flens Gold
    This is a mild, tasty beer with an elegant hoppy touch. It's brewed with fine aromatic hops in absolute premium quality - naturally to the strict standards of the 1516 German Purity Law. Flens Gold is a pale golden beer brewed like a pils with a good head, a full, soft, fresh taste and a pleasant, lightly yeasty bouquet.

  • Flens Weizen
    This is Flensburger's wheat beer. "Plop-fresh", prickling and naturally unfiltered. Glass or bottle? That's merely a matter of taste.

  • Flens Dunkel
    This is a dark treat with a finely hoppy, fresh and full taste, not least thanks to the malts that give it its dark but very mild character.

12 oz bottle $1.99 each

Be sure to come by THIS SATURDAY, 12-6, for a sampling of these unique beers!


Bill Shirley said...

A) nobody told me Michelle was pregers, and 2) i suspect i'll prefer the dunkel

Bob Knoxious said...

What a great marketing concept! Give samples of alcohol at send 'em shopping. I went to the tasting last weekend and ended up spending about $100 on wine and beer. Of course, The Tequila and Wine tasting was what probably put me over the top. That and our low level of wine and beer at the house.