Monday, August 14, 2006

New beer discovery — Aprihop!

My latest beer discovery (actually, M'Lady found it at Central Market) is Dogfish Head Aprihop: An IPA brewed with apricots. No, seriously. It's awesome, and it's not what you're thinking. It's not one of those fruit beers created to attract women who don't like beer (my apologies to you real women who do like beer). The apricot is so subtle that you would likely never guess there is any fruit in there. Instead of overpowering the beer flavor, the effect is an addictive sweetness that just makes you want more. It's not something I'd want every day – for one thing, it's $8 per four-pack, but more importantly, it tastes almost like a rare dessert, something to be saved for special occasions. And I've discovered it tastes better out of a Chimay glass, even though the brewery recommends a pint glass. Highly recommended, and you better get it now – it's a seasonal beer, released every March 1, so I'm betting they can't have too much left.

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