Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yet another edition of Wednesday Night Drinking at Work

Coming to you live from beautiful Chronicle Towers. A brew that is completely new to me: Nethergate Augustinian Ale. Made by the same folks that produce Old Growler, which I remember liking. Thanks to the miracle of blogging technology, I'll be updating this live as each sip washes over my tastebuds. (Because I know y'all are just hovering over your computer hitting the refresh button on every 30 seconds.)

Wow ... weird, but tasty. The bottle says it's flavored with "a touch of coriander," and I assume that's what's giving this really powerfuly flowery taste. It's like somebody shoved a bouquet of roses in my mouth, minus the thorns. Or berries of some sort, but not like a lambic. I doubt it's something I could drink on a regular basis, but it's nice. I sort of hoped with the picture of the monk on the front that this might be an English brewery's attempt at a Belgian-style, but this is definitely a malty English ale.

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