Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Ghana-watching

Since Ghana kicked U.S. butt the other day in the World Cup and advanced to the Round of 16, the folks at the Black Star Brewpub Co-op (see a few posts below) decided to have another Ghana-watching and beer-drinking party tonight. Most of you probably already know the score, but if not, head over there and watch tonight. Here is the invite:

After Ghana defeated the USA last Thursday we decided that as long as the Black Stars are advancing, we will continue to screen the matches. The venue and format will be basically the same as before.

1506 Kirkwood Rd

Beer tapped at 8:00 PM.

Sunset is at 8:36, and we'll start the match as soon as light conditions permit.


Finally, we had a new member join on Thursday, and I'd like to welcome Richard to the co-op. If anyone else would like to join, our membership coordinator will be at the event tonight.


Steven L. Yarak
President, Board of Directors
The Black Star Co-op

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