Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Aaahhh ... Budweiser

Bob Noxious is way cool ... because he bought me a Budweiser. No, not the crappy American beer. He bought me a real Budweiser, brewed in the Czech Republic, back from his trip to the World Cup. If you're not familiar, read the link — Anheuser Busch and the Czech Republic's Budvar brewery have fought over the name worldwide for years. The bottle says "Original Budweiser" on it. It even still tasted good after boiling in his car all day during our trip to Schlitterbahn. I want to keep the cool bottle, which has Czech writing all over it since it was brought over straight from Europe instead of being imported by an American distributor, but my mean wife doesn't want it cluttering up the house. (Okay, she's not mean, but she doesn't understand the male compulsion to collect stuff, unless it's Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs.)


yasser said...

i hope is it that better than the other one

Lee said...

Yes, quite better. Czechs know how to brew pilsners. Big American breweries know how to brew ... dishwater.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's much better than the other one, and can be found imported into the US as "Czechvar".

Lee, I have an extensive beer bottle collection that will one day go into a pub that I open (or be recycled when I die). Tell the loving wife that you have to keep it for me until we see each other again.

Lee said...

Alas, our recycling was collected this morning. :-(

Mags said...

I ask the world...what does one beer bottle look like when it is put onto a high shelf?

An objet d'art?

No, it looks like you did not clean up after your last party sufficiently.