Friday, June 09, 2006

The World Cup

Bobnoxious and Lance are heading out to Germany today for the World Cup. The rest of us will have to be jealous and just watch on TV with a beer in our hands. The first match, beginning in just half an hour from now, is Germany vs. Costa Rica. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a good German beer to accompany the game, but a Costa Rican beer could be harder. This is the best resource I could find. My advice: the Cup is being staged in Germany, so if you want to fee like you're there, just drink lots of Paulaner, et al.

EDIT: So my boss likes to host World Cup breakfasts, except given today's 11am start time, it was more like a brunch, so we had some beer there. German beer was easy, but he didn't have any luck finding Costa Rican brew, so he settled for Suprema from El Salvador. Not bad – a crisp pilsner that was perfect for today's weather.

Dang it, now my belly's full of beer, sausage, and cheese and my head is full of football, and I have to go back to work. Must ... be ... productive ... ugh.

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