Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've received warnings not to blog drunk (see here, here, and here), but hey — I think it should be expected on this blog! I was just over at my boss's house watching the World Cup. England vs. Trinidad & Tobago, so we were mixing some nice English brews with some mighty fine dark Cruzan rum (not literally mixing it, just drinking side-by-side — I wouldn't want to commit the sin of messing with either of these fine beverages). Beer was Whitbread Pale Ale (a classic pale ale) and Mackeson's Triple Stout. Whoa Nelly on the latter — maybe it's just because I had it last, but the flavors were really coming out on the stout. Very roasty, very chocolately. Not normally a summertime drink for me, but the air conditioning was sufficient to make it quite satisfying. Actually I had some at the first England game on Friday, which meant I was drinking at 8:20am, which I'm certain is an all-time record for me, not counting a few times in college in which I was still going from the night before, so it doesn't count. To my disgust, no one joined me. Stout makes for a mighty fine breakfast. God bless soccer and my boss. Okay, I'm almost sober now — back to work.


Bill Shirley said...

I second the beer for breakfast nod. And would have to add i've started before 8:20 on many a fine weekend.

Mags said...

Bill Shirley, folks — role model for America's youth. ;-)

Mags said...

Whoops — yet again, I've accidentally logged in as my wife. That was Lee, not Margaret, making disparaging yet admiring remarks about Bill.