Monday, May 09, 2011

Twisted X Won Me Over

I was pretty skeptical about Twisted X, the new brewery based in Cedar Park (an Austin suburb). Their focus is Mexican-style beers, which is not my first choice. But I checked out their debut party at the Dig Pub last week, and I admit it — I'm impressed. Even by the jalapeño-flavored beer. No, seriously. I'll have more on this soon in my Austin Chronicle "Beer Flights" column. (Pictured: Twisted X owners Jim Sampson and Shane Bordeau.)


Bill Shirley said...

I've had some nicely spiced pepper beers, mostly from homebrewers in DC who have an overlapping population of hot heads and hop heads, but some from commercial attempts.

I would never ever consider it a Mexican beer style. Perhaps they should claim it as Tex-Mex? Anyway, wouldn't be the first time I disagreed with someone's marketing idea.

Lee said...

Actually, "Tex-Mex beers" is how they market it. The "Mexican" wording was my own.