Thursday, May 26, 2011

HB 602 Is Dead

BTW, in case you missed it: The deadline to get out of the Senate for House Bill 602 – which would have allowed Texas microbreweries to give away up to 144 ounces of beer to take home as a parting gift after paid admission tours – was yesterday. House Bill 602 is dead.

Combined with the failure of a bill that would have allowed brewpubs to distribute their beers and another bill that would have given microbrewers what they really want – the right to retail sales on brewery premises – the Texas Legislature has once again done wrong to our state's small businesses and consumers. In fact, the only thing they accomplished beer-related was to take away a tax exemption for microbrewers. Way to go, Lege.


Nuno said...

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Dave said...

That is uncool. I hope another bill gets passed later for you guys. There is nothing worse than taking a brewery tour and not being able to get a beer during it. I was in Mississippi touring a brewery and it is the same way no beer on the tour. I live in Pennsylvania and we can have beer on the tours of breweries but prewpubs cannot distribute.

Lee said...

Actually, Dave, Texas breweries can give you a beer on the tour, if they have a tasting room, although the beer has to be free. The key change this bill would have made is to allow you to take beer home.