Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Austin Chronicle' Restaurant Poll: Beer

In today's Austin Chronicle, we proudly present the results of our 2011 Restaurant Poll. Here are the specifically beer-related awards:

Readers Picks:


Draught House Pub & Brewery

Red's Porch
Honorable Mention
Flying Saucer, The Ginger Man, Zed's, Vivo, Paggi House

Beer Selection

The Ginger Man

Flying Saucer
Honorable Mention
Draught House Pub & Brewery, 24 Diner, Whip In

Critics Picks:

Bavarian Bliss and Beer

Nuernberg Brauhaus

Best Michelada



Tim said...

Are Zed's and Nuernberg Brauhaus really worth the trip out of Austin, or are our neighbors to the North just stacking the reader's poll.

Lee said...

Don't know about Zed's, but Nuernberg was a critic's pick, not readers. As for stacking, we do have methods for trying to weed out ballot-stuffers.

Jeremiah Dye - JD said...

@Tim - I own the Nuernberg Brauhaus and I had no idea this was going on.. Its absolutely worth the trip. I did not advise any of our patrons and friends to do anything to 'fudge' the numbers. Come out, ask for JD and let me take you on a trip to Germany. Cold Imports, amazing food. BTW, did you read the chronicles review of our food? Should be enough to get you out here.. :):):) a VIELEN DANK for the amazing support the Chronicle has given us! We will continue to treat everyone as family and make sure the food is great and the beer delicious!

Tim said...

I'll definitely check Nuernberg out.