Saturday, May 14, 2011

American Craft Beer Week in Austin

As I noted, I made a lengthy post on American Craft Beer Week, but Blogger deleted because of some technical issues they were having. Thankfully, an alert reader still had the text saved (minus the links, unfortunately), so I'm cutting and pasting it here. Thanks Brian!

I'm sure there's a lot going on around Austin for American Craft Beer
Week (May 16-22), but here's the three I've been alerted to.

(UPDATE: Black Star Co-op also has some ACBW events. See their calendar here).

First, from the Ginger Man:
We'll be tapping a unique limited-release American Craft Beer each day at 7pm
Monday - (512) Cask-conditioned Cascabel Cream Stout
Tuesday - Real Ale The Kraken (barrel-aged Sisyphus)
Wednesday - Independence Thinker's Ale (from their Brewluminati Series)
Thursday - Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel
Friday - St. Arnold Cask-conditioned Divine Reserve 11
Saturday - Real Ale Empire (barrel-aged Lost Gold IPA)
Sunday - Ommegang Gnomegang (collaboration beer with d'Achouffe Brewery)
The second is from Independence Brewing:
Just wanted to give you all a heads up on a cool event we are doing
for American Craft Beer Week . It's called Draught Sessions and it is
a revival of a concept Amy and Rob pioneered when they actually had
time on their hands to do fun things! Really simple concept: live
music and hand-crafted beer at the brewery. We will be doing them at
least quarterly and starting with the next one we will be recording
every session. When we get enough tracks together we will release a
compilation of live tracks from the brewery! May 21st, doors at 7pm
music promptly at 730. $10 gets you in the door and each 21+ guest can
sample up to 3 16oz brews free of charge! Hope to see you all there!
The third is from the Draught House:
Hello craft beer fans,
ACBW (May 16th-22nd) is almost upon us and though we've been late to
get it together, we have a few things happening.

Monday the 16th- Cheese pairing with Real Ale Lost Gold (free with
beer) + tapping of Ranger Creek Cabernet Barrel Aged Mesquite Smoked
Tuesday- Free glass available with purchase of Boulevard Single Wide
(randallized with El Dorado hops), Wheat or Tank Seven. Brewery rep.
on hand sampling Boss Toms Bock.
Wednesday- Glass available with purchase of Southern Star Walloon,
Pro-Am Smoked Porter, Bombshell Blond or Creme Brulee Buried Hatchet.
ALSO, tapping of Maui Imperial CoCoNut PorTer, made with cocoa nibs.
Thursday- Ommegang glass free with purchase of Gnomegang or Rare Vos.
Free cheese sample with Rare Vos. The brewery rep. will also be
sampling Hennepin.
Friday- Left Hand Brewing Co. will debut Sawtooth Nitro to Texas + get
a free glass with Sawtooth, Milk Stout or TNT Weizenbock, Free cheese
sample with Sawtooth and the brewery rep. will be sampling Stranger
Pale Ale. PLUS for Firkin Friday we will tap a cask of Jester King
Black Metal.
Saturday- Austin Beerworks first tapping. The brewery boys from up
Burnet (sorry) will have their first beer to sell and be here to
answer questions about their wares. Come out and taste Austin's newest

Antonelli's Cheese Shop pairs cheese for us. If you like their work,
check out their shop on Duval. They have an amazing selection.

Also, this Firkin Friday (the 13th) we will tap Southern Star Creme Brulee.


Steven Yarak said...

And four events at Black Star Co-op:

Lee said...

Thanks Steven. I'll amend the original post to include that link.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the recent growth of so many craft beer brewers. We are in the planning stages for a new brewery in Northeastern USA called Nor'easter Brewing Company LLC and our business plan is to grow to over 25,000BBL within 5 years.
The breweries you site, allow for much encouragement.
About to take the craft beer industry by storm!