Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hyde Park Market and Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner

I stepped into the new Hyde Park Market at 45th & Duval today, because I'd heard it had about the craziest craft brew selection you could possibly find at a corner store. The stories were true. They're even better than the Bread Basket down the street from my house (which I affectionately call the "Beer Basket," because (A) they have a superb beer selection for a convenience store, and (B) they don't actually sell bread). Seriously, it's unbelievable — you wouldn't think a dinky little corner store could match the likes of Spec's, Grape Vine Market, or Central Market, but they come mighty close. I used to live about two blocks from there. It's probably for the best that I no longer do. (Of course, my kid's Montessori school is nearby, so I'll probably be back plenty.)

I extremely pleased to find a four-pack of Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner, a seasonal beer that I'd forgotten about. And I'm not sure how I could have forgotten — I raved about it last year, and as soon as I saw it on the shelves, wonderful hoppy memories flooded into brain.

I just gave it another taste, and my memories proved accurate. This just might be the best beer I've ever tasted. And I don't say that lightly — I try to avoid hyperbole when doing a printed review that the whole world can see. If you like hops, grab some, and I think you'll agree. (If you don't like hops, then trust me, this is not the beer for you.)


Po said...

The search is on! I'd love to get my hands on some.

Po said...

Eureka! I found some at the new Round Rock Spec's. Had to take out a small loan to procure it and was a bit shocked when, once I had bitten the bullet over the price, I reached up to pull down a sixer from the shelf and found that it just comes in a quadro-pack.

Still a lot cheaper than the $3.50 draft Shiner Mila had at the new Round Rock Salt Lick today. It pleased her well, but this Hallertau Dandy promises to be much better.

Po said...

It is almost 9pm on Tues. night, and I am celebrating an successful gig at Bohemia West by sipping, or rather chewing on, a Sam Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner.
I can tell already that this is to be a "go slow and savour" beverage experience.