Saturday, November 22, 2008

(512) Brewing Open House and Pecan Porter

More info (including their location) is at their website.


windsurfwahine said...

Unfortunantly we can't get 512 doen here in Po-Dunk Corpus....Our only saveing grace fro Beer selection Liquid Town on Alameda...they rock.
Picked up a 4 pack of Oskar Blues Ten Fidy...Have you tried it...yum if not try it would love to hear what you think of it.

Lee said...

Currently, 512 is keg-only. You'll have to hit a bar in Austin to try it.

I haven't heard of Ten Fidy, but I love the other Oskar Blues stuff. Thanks for the tip. I'll look for it.

windsurfwahine said...

The Ten Fidy is an Imperial Stout....Pricey but worth it. I had also bought the Rogue Chocolate Porter and The Left Hand Black Jack Porter. IMO the Left Hand Porter was Awesome. Even though LF was better, I am partial to Oregon Beer's !!!!
Deschutes Black Butte Porter Still remains my favorite. Full Sail does a fab Porter but you have to go to Hood River to Drink it. They don't bottle it!!!!! They actualy have quit a few winter beers they don't bottle.
I enjoy your Blog. It's great.
What bar do you recommend in Austin for Variety?

Lee said...

Thanks for the compliment, wahine!

There's a lot of great bars in Austin, but for jaw-dropping variety, I recommend either the Ginger Man, the Draught House (not to be confused with the movie theater named the Alamo Drafthouse, although they have a great beer selection as well), and the Flying Saucer. The all have somewhere around 70 or so taps plus a great bottled selection.

If you like Oregon stuff, I recommend you check out the several posts I made about my two trips to Oregon the past two summers. Just go up to "Search Blog" and search on "Portland" and/or "Oregon." Or under "other beer blogs" in the right hand column, click on "It's Pub Night." He's a former roommate now living in Portland.

Another recommendation for hunting down beer generally in Texas: Read the Texas brewers round-up I wrote for The Austin Chronicle.

Beer Blokes said...

G'Day Lee,

Whle you are handing out reviews, we are just now getting 10 of the range from Rogue (Portland, Oregon, I think) and would be keen to see what you recommend. If nothing else it will make a nice change from Michelob Ultra (low carb, low taste, low opinion!) and Budweiser (no comment) which apart from Sam Adams is all we can get here.

Oh, by the way, I FINALLY GOT ME SOME SIERRA NEVADA ALE ALE!!! My beer guy got some in and kept some back till I got in there. The wait is over, but the journey begins!!

Prof Pilsner

Lee said...

Rogue … gosh, I love the Rogue beers I've tried, but I haven't tried that many because their beers are SO pricey. Maybe you should ask my buddy Bill, who actually lives in Portland: