Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fat Tire in cans!

I just got this message from Wheatsville Food Co-op:

New! Fat Tire Amber Ale now in CANS!

If you love New Belgium's Fat Tire (who doesn't?) it is time to rejoice! Fat Tire is now available at Wheatsville in cans. The cans, which are 100% recyclable, feature Fat Tire's original watercolor artwork. And for those beer lovers worried about Fat Tire's taste changing in the can, fear not. "We took a unique can-conditioning approach and its flavor was not compromised in any way," says Brian Simpson, spokesperson for New Belgium. "We ran a series of tests using our friends at Oskar Blues' canning line and there was no flavor differential. In New Belgium's native Colorado, can sales have exceeded expectations as locals embrace the ability to take Fat Tire to places where bottles are not an option. Distributing cans also helps lighten New Belgium's carbon footprint by saving fuel during transport by due to lighter weight loads." Fat Tire cans are available only in 12-packs and Wheatsville's got em' for $15.99. Let us know how you like them!
Sound like this craft-brew-in-cans thing is really taking off. Which is awesome. Now I don't have to settle for crap beer when I go tubing.


Good Burp said...

Cans. They are the new bottle.
We better get used to this.

Anonymous said...

Tubing without crap beer? Man, that's just wrong. Even you should admit that 100 degrees, August, inner tubes, sunshine and Budweiser go together.

-- Dave T

Lee said...

I dunno … maybe Lone Star.

Anonymous said...

That's more like it. Besides, Lone Star is upscale compared to the Keystone and jello shots I usually see on the river.

-- Dave T

Lee said...

Jello shots while tubing? Not only does that sound wrong, it doesn't even sound feasible.

cybulski said...

the yeast injecting can conditioning aspect of this beer really does alter the taste of the fat tire in a positive way.

Scott said...


I was hunting around for an article/image of Fat Tire in cans and found your blog - great stuff! I've got a running blog on food, but beer's in there as well!


Scott in Nashville

Lee said...

Thanks Scott!