Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things that are just wrong … but really, really funny

Remember my post about beer-y things that are just flat-out inappropriate for kids?

Our first stop during the latest Portland bicycling brewpub tour (see my most recent post below, or go here) was this new place called Hopworks Urban
Brewery (HUB). Now, from my parent perspective, any restaurant that wants my business needs to have a kids' menu, but … a "Lil' Brewers' Menu"?!? Dude. Seriously. (Click on the top image.)

I thought that was hilarious enough, but click now on the second image and check out the word search puzzle. I keep hearing Mr. Rogers' voice saying, "Can you say mash tun, boys and girls?"


KPeff said...

At least the children aren't being infantiilized, which I remember being a pet peeve when I was young.

It's not as bad as when parents turn kids into jesters, though:

Scott said...

I think it's a great indoctrination, just like when me boys help out in my brewery by cleaning the mash tun!

Beer Blokes said...

As I gaze into my crystal malt ball, I see a sad old drunk on welfare with wet pants sitting in a gutter and a young man walks up and says; 'Where did your life go wrong, old man?' and he says ... 'Well, my folks used to take me to this pub all the time when I was a young'un ... '

Prof. Pilsner