Thursday, July 10, 2008

Real Ale 12th Anniversary Party

I have so much to tell you guys. I just got back from a magnificent trip to Oregon, which of course included massive quantities of quality beer. But I'm still recovering. So in the meantime, I'm stepping aside for this guest blog from Ana Wolken of Austin Sound Check, who briefly recounts the fun from the Real Ale 12th anniversary party out in Blanco and follows with tons of pictures. Thanks Ana!

By Ana Wolken

By the time we arrived in Blanco for the Real Ale Anniversary Party, the brewery was already starting to fill up. Much to my surprise and happiness, four free beers allowed for each person, plus a free BBQ plate. However, the line for beer was non-existent and the day went well.

I started off by sampling the Rio Blanco Pale Ale, which was drinkable, but way too hoppy for
my tastes. The Real Ale website boasts the Rio Blanco's well-balanced hops, but I felt it was just too bitter to be truly delicious. Next up was the Full Moon Pale Rye Ale, which was better, but still a touch hoppy for my palate. After those two adventures into hops-land, I went back to my tried and true Real Ale standby, Firemans #4 Blonde Ale. Smooth, with a taste of citrus, Firemans is perfect light, summertime ale.

Real Ale was also offering Lost Gold IPA, Brewhouse Brown Ale and the occasional keg of Devil's Backbone,
but I didn't stray in those directions. I'm not a dark beer kind of girl, and I've heard horror stories involving the high alcohol content of Devil's Backbone. They did not have Alamo Gold available to sample, in fact, it's not even listed on the website. Our tour guide, Distracto, noted that Alamo Gold is only available in San Antonio. (Note to self.)

Below are a multitude of pictures from
the festivities, including pictures from inside the brewery. Thanks to tour guide and brewery owner, Distracto, who was very informative and friendly. All photos are copyright John Weatherly.


Beestro said...

The Lost Gold ran out in the first hour. You really should have tried it, it was fantastic. Much better than when i had it in Austin. The 4 beer limit was also a myth - i had 6 or 7, simply telling them i didn't have any more tickets - they didn't care =]

Po said...

How did I not hear about this?!?!?!

My dear brother subsisted for years on Rio Blanco Pale Ale and then switched to a steady stream of Fireman's 4. In fact, his investment in the former probably gave the company the capital to invest in the production of the latter.