Sunday, May 04, 2008

Even I'm appalled

I was doing some dusting here in the office, and this long-forgotten trophy from my running days caught my eye, and I realized it needed to go on the blog immediately. It's from a 5K race that was held in Bastrop State Park, and as you can probably guess, Miller Lite was the major sponsor.

The trophy might strike you as merely amusing, but here is what's appalling about it: I was only FOURTEEN YEARS OLD when they awarded it to me! They gave this trophy to a TEENAGER.

I mean seriously – don't you think it's just wrong to promote beer this lame to a minor?

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Todd said...

Another interpretation is that the track star on the trophy is actually racing away from this crap beer. It actually offers a valid explanation for why one would be running in the first place. Now had Bombadiers sponsored the race...