Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pete's Wicked is a Texas beer?

Waitaminnit … Lone Star and Pearl aren't truly Texas beers anymore (they're both owned by Pabst now), but Pete's Wicked is? I just discovered that Pete's is owned by Gambrinus, the same San Antonio-based company that owns Spoetzl (Shiner).

I'm just all confused now. Jeez, what's next … some Belgian company buying Anheuser-Busch?

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Bill Shirley said...

I consider something a "Texas beer" if it's brewed in Texas, thus Belgian's Budweiser (brewed in Houston) is a yes - at least as far as a fallback position when purchasing is happening.

Hey, and I got a free Bud Lite w/ Lime this weekend during the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase. Now I don't have to drink that one ever again.