Sunday, April 27, 2008

Okay, I'm way late on this …

… but perhaps you'll find it useful. I was cleaning my office and came across my tasting notes for the Bob Knoxious Christmas Beer Tasting & Mirth Fest, lost and forgotten since December. We tried about 30 different beers, rating them from 1 (Bah Humbug) to 5 (Damn! That's some holiday cheer!). I'm not going to even think about recapping the entire evening four months down the line. However, perhaps you might check this post eight months from now as you seek guidance in buying holiday beers. These are the only ones that I rated a 5:
  • Full Sail Wassail Ale
  • North by Northwest Holiday Barleywine
  • Criminally Bad Elf
I gave these a 4:
  • Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
  • Very Bad Elf
  • Lump of Coal
  • Ed's home brew (sorry, you can't buy this commercially, but you might could ask Ed for some)
  • Scaldis Noel
  • Real Ale Sysiphus (Not really a holiday beer. In fact, you can buy the 2008 version right now.)
Um … Merry Christmas everybody!

(P.S. Oh cool. As I'm typing this, the episode of The Simpsons just came on where Homer sneaks out of work to take the Duff Brewery tour.)


Bob Knoxious said...

Damn! I should take notes at my own beer tasting so I can remember them 4 months later...or even the next day.

Per Hoodness!

(This message brought to you by "Beer Makes Me Smarter").

Karla said...

Ok, right now i am just trying to say the words "Mirth Fest".

Which I can't. Ends up sounding like "Murfist" with the addition of Daffy Duck spitting sounds.