Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Entire state going dry?

I have just received reports, both from my sources in the brewing industry and in politics, that a bill banning sales of alcohol in retail stores will be introduced in the Texas Legislature next year! Even worse, given that Republicans and a few conservative Democrats dominate the Lege, my lobbyist sources say it has good chance of passing! That's right – you would only be allowed to buy alcohol by the drink in so-called "private clubs," as is currently the case in dry counties. Imagine — no more grabbing a six-pack on the way home after work. Arrghh! I can't believe this!

Call your state rep and state senator today and
demand this outrage be stopped!


Karla said...

I heard that today in Norway they have dropped the taxes on alcohol, creating a free market beer economy. Everyone is running around outside with beers. Wait, what the hell am I doing at my computer? Cheap beer is only a few feet away!

a beer sort of girl said...

April Fools?

Monty said...

Can you imagine the revolt? April Fools!

Bill Shirley said...


I'm sure this is your mars mission/rick flip.

But, you know I have a sizable amount of brewing equipment currently going unused in my garage. I could certainly dust it off for some extra revenue.

Mean Rachel said...

You almost had me.
And I was going to be very upset!

I was already trying to factor into my budget my increased expenditures in bars (a scary thought).

Jason said...

Wow...that would suck. I almost moved to Westlake last year. I guess I'm glad I didn't!