Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beats digging ditches

A bad combination of too much to do mixed with attention deficit disorder conspired to keep me from getting a couple of articles done during the workweek, so now I'm spending the weekend trying to finish up. I hate working on the weekends. Weekends are for my family and goofing off. And to make it worse, the weather Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. So I decided, dammit, if I do have to work, I'm at least not going to suffer. I work from my house, so I got out of my home office and set up shop on the back porch, instead, and switched from the usual caffeine to another beverage. Behold, the way work ought to be:

(Um, in case my boss is reading this: I said this the way work ought to be. I promise, I usually save the beer for after 5 o'clock.)


Bill Shirley said...

Hear, hear!



Wisegeorge said...

I often do my blogging at night with lots of Fireman's 4 for inspiration. Then I rewrite everything the next morning because it reads like it was written by an overly inspired dumbass.