Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dogfish Head and Alamo Drafthouse Team Up for Film Fest

Alamo Drafthouse (the best damn theater in the world) and Dogfish Head (one of the best breweries on the planet) are teaming up for the 3rd annual "Off-Centered Film Fest" at the Alamo Lake Creek location April 3 & 4.

Film submissions must:
• Be no longer than 5 minutes
• include a storyline containing the concept of an underdog OR
be a mock ad
• must reference Dogfish Head OR have Dogfish Head product

Read the full press release here.


HomeBrewMe said...

The 90 minute Imperial IPA was quite delicious. I haven't had the 60 minute good is it?

Lee said...

Both are excellent. The 90 is better, but the 60 is more drinkable over the long term since it is lower alcohol (and more affordable). If you're drinking for several hours, do the 60. If you're wanted to share something really special with your friends and only drinking one or two, do the 90.

HomeBrewMe said...

It's funny you should mention that because I just introduced the 90 to my buddy last night. He had a BBQ and the night was winding down so I offered him one and he loved it. His eyes actually lit up when he saw the 9 next to the percent sign!