Wednesday, January 09, 2008

RE-CORRECTION: Flying Saucer IS opening Thursday

Well, so much for me being an accurate source of info. Disregard what this post said earlier today. I was a little unclear on what the Flying Saucer's PR person was saying, but apparently, despite appearances on Tuesday, the new beer bar at the Triangle (see my previous posts) really is going to open on Thursday. So maybe I'll go check it out after all.


Josh said...

So, did you make it to the opening last night? I could have sworn that I saw you, but the guy that I saw was considerably shorter than you seem to be from your profile pic.

Here's a link to my review:

Curious to hear your thoughts on the place.

Lee said...

Yep, I was there. I'm not short — I stand about 6-1.

Man, it was crazy, wasn't it? They had to be pleased with the turnout. What a selection!

Josh said...

It was a great turnout indeed. I'm very interested to see what else goes in at the Triangle. It has potential.

We had dinner across the way at Mandola's afterward. I was pretty impressed with it.

Lee said...

Aside from the really swank places (like, say, Vespaio), Mandola's is my family's very favorite Italian place right now. That four-cheese pizza is magnificent, and I'm normally not a cheese pizza kind of guy. We have to go there at least once a month.

Flying Saucer opens up a nice option for me: perhaps occasionally, if the wife is feeling charitable, she can take the kids home and just leave me at FS after eating at Mandola's and I can take the bus home.