Friday, February 01, 2008

My New Nickname

So I'm finally getting around to reading The Modern Drunkard, the book that compiles the best of Modern Drunkard magazine, which Todd gave to me for my birthday (I think – or maybe it was last Christmas). And I spotted myself in the article "Buzzwords for Boozeheads," a mini-dictionary of drinking slang:

beer führer n. a beer snob fanatical to the point he would rather drink water than what he considers "bad beer."

I suppose I should be ashamed of that. My beer drinking buddies, beer snobs that they are, will certainly give me shit for it. In my defense, I'll occasionally break down and suck down some Lone Star or Milwaukee's Best (although I'm damn sure not likely to pay for it). But ultimately, my reply is this: Hey, what part of "unrepentant" do you not understand?
I also spotted some slang that applies to Bret:

boozing with Berman v. to get drunk in a bar while watching sports on TV; a reference to ESPN broadcaster Chris Berman.


UA said...

Life is too short to drink bad beer.

Bill said...

Does this mean you're going to start leaving a little foam mustache on your upper lip when you drink beer?

Anonymous said...

Dave T says ...

Oh please. I've seen you drink plenty of cheap beer. Or at least Shiner. Don't get all "Dogfish, Dogfish uber alles" on me. You're starting to talk like one of those condo-living "elites."